Sunday, October 2, 2011

北倫敦打比 (2011)



这是Tim Cahill(埃弗顿球员)在昨天的默西塞德德比大战之前所说的一段话:

"I think it is one of the biggest matches other than playing for your country in a World Cup. The derby is magical. "It is not only the day of the game, it is after, it is before, it is the grudges, the banter.
"For those 90 minutes the whole of Liverpool stops and you have countries around the world watching.
"Going into the game, whether you are injured or you have little problems whatever, it is forgotten.
"Everything is left on the pitch and for me, coming from Australia, I feel the same sort of attitude.
"I found it hard to get here, I have this opportunity so I just don't want to miss a second on the pitch — I want to try to affect it, hence why I've had so much joy in the derbies.
"For the fans and for me it means everything because it is part of my life now."

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